Everyone has a story

When I was a little girl, my friends and I would hang out, creating fake interviews as if we were on a talk show. I always loved to act as the talk show host and ask the “celebrity” about their upcoming movies or current music. Looking back on it, even at a young age I was a journalist. Now it has come full circle– ten years later, I am conducting real interviews, creating content, photographing events, and truly doing journalism.

I am an experienced, driven and well-rounded news junkie seeking an internship position where I can demonstrate my leadership skills while improving my digital storytelling, production, photography and social media abilities.

As the chapter president of the Society of Professional Journalists, I connect with many alumni, inviting them to speak at our regular bi-weekly meetings. We have hosted a digital news producer for NBC Chicago, a news producer from Madison, Wisconsin, and the news director at Nashville Public Radio. Their knowledge and expertise prepared me for internship interviews and helped me choose the most impactful college classes for my career path. It was interesting to learn about their life in the studio as they pitch stories and create broadcast rundowns. 

While networking with alumni, I met an MSNBC Line Producer who inspired me to continue pursuing broadcast journalism. I have also had some unique opportunities as I have shadowed the WGN Morning News Team, a reporter at ABC7 Chicago, the TODAY Show Plaza in New York City and a live taping of Saturday Night Live. 

As a student life photographer at the Illini Union, I have developed communication skills while collaborating with other photographers, social media contributors and my boss, the marketing coordinator. Last year, I combined my journalism and digital marketing skills to spearhead a social media initiative, “Humans of the Union.” I photograph and interview students about their campus involvement and favorite parts of the Illini Union, helping to add an additional humanistic element to our social media platforms.

My first camera in 2009 vs covering an Illini Union event Fall 2020!